Nothing Else

AUT launches a new food brand

A new brand of snack food and water was launched at both the AUT City and Akoranga campus in September, 2009. The brand called ‘Nothing Else’ is the first brand to display ingredients on the front of the pack as part of the label. The ingredients are all natural and have lower sodium levels to encourage healthier consumption. It is on sale in all campus cafes and vending machines at affordable prices.

The brand has been launching on a small scale with a view to significant growth in 2010. The project involved students and staff from Graphic Design, Product Design, Public Relations, Ad Creativity and Marketing as a collaborative exercise. The products have been developed in collaboration with Brand Support Ltd. who specialise in producing and marketing cause related products.

It is the outcome of research for an MPhil in Sustainable Consumption by Dave Brown who lectures in Advertising Creativity. The research uses Multimodal Discourse Analysis and is an outcome of the Multimodal Research Centre in collaboration with Professor of Nutrition Dr. Elaine Rush from the AUT School of Sport and Recreation. The purpose of the initial launch within AUT is to provide both students and staff access to healthier snack options.

The brand will grow in range and distribution beyond AUT in 2010. To order Nothing Else products visit , the Living Healthy Shop.